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   Comparison Chart of Popular Glucose Meters (Glucose Readers or Glucometers)

FreeStyleGlucometer DEXGlucometer EliteGlucometer Eliite XLLXN Duet
ManufacturerTheraSenseBayerBayerBayerLXN Corp.
Phone #888-298-4584800-348-8100800-348-8100800-348-8100888-596-8378
ReferencePlasmaPlasmaPlasmaPlasmaWhole Blood
Sample (min)0.3uL3-4uL2 uL2uL10uL
Lot CalibrationButtonAutomaticStripStripButton
Memory250 tests with time & date, 14d avg.100 with time & date,14d avg. and 4 time specific avg.20 with average***120 with time and date100 tests with date & time
Download cap.yesyesnoyesyes
Visual B/Unonononono
Test Time15 sec30 sec30 sec30 secup to 30 sec
Test Range20-50010-60020-60020-60020-600
Battery2 AAAA Alkaline3 volt lithium coin cells (2)3 volt lithium coin cells (2)3 volt lithium coin cells (2)Four AAA Alkaline
Tests/Battery~1000 tests~1000 tests~1000 tests~1000 tests~1 year
Auto Shut Off2 minutes3 minutes3 minutes3 minutes2 minutes
Control Sln.normalnormal, high & lownormal, high, & lownormal, high, & lownormal
Hct. Rangeup to 60%20-60%20-60%20-60%30-60%
Temp. Range50-95F50-104 F50-104 F50-10459-95 F
Humidity Range5-90%10-80%20-80%20-80%20-80%
Price Range$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Size (in)/Wt.2x3.8x1 2.1 oz3.2x2.6x1 3.5oz3.3x2.2x.0.6 1.75 oz3.3x2.2x0.6 1.75oz5.9x3.4x1.8 7 oz
Warranty5 years5 years5 years5 years3 years
CommentsVery small sample size. Samples from arm. ***Coulo-metric measurement10 sensors in cartridge. No need to insert new strip with each testIndividually wrapped strips. Generic strips also availableIndividually wrapped strips. Very small stripsMeasures fructosamine ~$8.00/test

One Touch BasicOne Touch ProfilePrecision QID & QID PenSoftTact
Phone #800-524-7226*800-524-7226*800-527-33391-800-866-763-8228
ReferenceWhole BloodWhole BloodPlasma+N30Plasma
Sample (min)10uL10uL3.5uL<3uL
Lot CalibrationButtonButtonStripStrip
Memory75 Tests with Time and Date250 tessts with time & date. 14 /30d averages 15 event codes10 tests (downloads 125 with date & time)450 tests with time and date
Download cap.yesyesyesyes
Visual B/Unononono
Test Time45 sec45 sec20 sec20 sec
Test Range0-6000-60020-60035-450
BatteryTwo AAA alkalineTwo AAA alkalinenon-replacable9 volt
Tests/Battery~1000 tests~1000 tests~4000 tests~500 tests
Auto Shut Off5 minutes5 minutes1 minute2 minutes
Control Sln.normal, high, & lownormal, high, & lownormal, low, & highnormal, low, & high
Hct. Range25-60%25-60%30-60%30-60%
Temp. Range59-95 F59-95 F64-8664-86F
Humidity Range0-90%0-90%10-90%10-90%
Price Range$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Size (in)/Wt.4.3x2.6x1.2 4.5oz4.3x2.6x1.2 4.5 oz5.5x0.3 (pen size/wt)5.4x3.5x0.5 11 oz
Warranty3 years3 years4 years4 years
CommentsNew larger display screen. Display can be set in 17 lanaguagesDisplay can be set in 19 languages. Voice synthesizer availableIndividually wrapped stripsOne-step lancing F/measuring of BG.

Accu-Check AdvantageAccu-Check CompleteAccu-Check InstantAccu-Check SimplicityAmira AtLast
ManufacturerRoche/ BoehringerRoche/ BoerhingerRoche/ BoerhingerRoche/BoerhingerAmira Medical
Phone #800-440-3638*800-440-3638*800-440-3638*800-440-3638*877-428-5278
ReferenceWhole BloodWhole BloodWhole BloodWhole BloodPlasma
Sample (min)4uL **4uL **12uL4uL2uL
Lot CalibrationChipChipButtonChipChip
Memory100 with time and date1000 with time & date multiple data mngement functions9 tests30 tests with time & date10 tests & 14 day average (100 tests time and date for download)
Download cap.yesyesnonoyes
Visual B/Unonoyesyesno
Test Timeup to 40 secup to 40 sec12 sec25-35 sec15-30 sec
Test Range10-60010-60020-50010-60040-400
BatteryTwo AAA AlkalineTwo AAA AlkalineLR9 button batteries (4)2 lithium DL1/3Nnon-replaceable
Tests/Battery~700 tests~1000 tests~1000 tests~1000 tests~2500 tests
Auto Shut Off5 minutes3 minutes2 minutes90 seconds2 minutes
Control Sln.normal, high, & lownormal, high, & lownormal, high, & lowhigh & lownormal
Hct. Range25-55%25-55%30-55%30-55%35-55%
Temp. Range57-104 F57-104 F64-90 F50-104F59-86F
Humidity Range<85%<85%<85%<85%20-80%
Price Range$$$$$$$1/2$$$
Size (in)/Wt.3.6x2.3x0.6 3 oz4.8x2.8x1.1 4.4 oz3.9x2.2x0.6 1.75 oz3.9x2x.64.57x1.6x1.35 3.2oz
Warranty3 years3 years3 years3 years3 years
CommentsMay add blood during first 15 seconds. Voice synthesizer available4 languages Blood may be added to strip during first 15 secondsAlso D5"Instant Plus" which measures BG & CholesterolLow cost meterMeter/Lancing device in one.Blood sample from arm or thigh. Can re-apply blood until sufficient

Exac-Tech RSGOne Touch Fast TakeSure StepLXN In Charge
ManufacturerMedisenseLifeScanLifeScanLXN Corp.
Phone #800-527-3339800-524-7226*800-524-7226*888-596-8378
ReferenceWhole BloodPlasmaPlasmaWhole Blood
Sample (min)10uL1.5uL10uL6uL
Lot CalibrationNoneButtonButtonButton
Memory1 test150 tests with time and date and 14 day average150 tests with date & time 14 & 30 day average200 glucose test and 50 GlucoProtein test with time & date
Download cap.noyesyesno
Visual B/Unonoyesno
Test Time30 sec15 sec15-30 secup to 20 sec
Test Range40-45020-6000-50020-600
Batterynon-replaceable1.5 volt silver oxide (2)Two AAA Alkaline3 volt lithium battery
Tests/Battery~40000 tests~1000 tests~1000 tests~!1000 tests
Auto Shut Off2 minutes2 minutes5 minutes4 minutes
Control Sln.high & lownormalnormal, high, & lownormal
Hct. Range35-55%30-55%25-60%30-60%
Temp. Range64-86 F50-95 F50-95 F50-95 F
Humidity Range20-80%10-90%10-90%20-80%
Price Range$$$$$$$$$$
Size (in)/Wt.3.5x2.1x0.5 1.4 oz3.1x2.3x0.75 1.6 oz3.5x2.4x0.8 3.8 oz3.92x2.2x0.6 2.0 oz
Warranty4 years3 years3 years3 years
CommentsTest strips ~25% less expensive Individually wrapped stripsCan touch test strip sample area without affecting resultsCan touch strip to finger to absorb blood sampleAlso measures Gluco Protein/ fructosamine test. ~8.00/test

One Touch Fast TakeOne Touch Ultra
Phone #800-524-7226*800-524-7226*
Sample (min)4.5uL1.0uL
Lot CalibrationButtonButton
Memory150 tests with time and date and 14 day average150 tests with time and date and 14 day average
Download cap.yesyes
Visual B/Unono
Test Time15 sec5 sec
Test Range20-60020-600
BatteryTwo AAA AlkalineTwo AAA Alkaline
Tests/Battery~1000 tests~1000 tests
Auto Shut Off2 minutes2 minutes
Control Sln.normalnormal
Hct. Range30-55%30-55%
Temp. Range50-95 F43-111 F
Humidity Range10-90%10-90%
Price Range$$$$$$$
Size (in)/Wt.3.1x2.3x0.75 1.6 oz3.1x2.3x.85 1.5 oz
Warranty3 years3 years
CommentsCan touch test strip sample area without affecting resultsCan touch test strip sample area without affecting results

LR=Light ReflectanceEC=Electrochemical (Biosensor)
* Dedicated Health Care Professional Phone Number
** 4uL With "Comfort Curve" strip. Standard strip requires 9uL sample

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